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Web Design & Development

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Are you interested in us helping you with your thoughts and ideas on developing your own personalized web site? We would be pleased to help you with this important task. The planning, organization, and detailed work that goes into Web Design & Development is very time consuming and tedious even for the accomplished web designer/developer.

The tasks involved to assure that a web page works properly are numerous. Broken links, such as, pictures that do not display (small red x), error messages, and being unable to download certain pages are just a few of the problems that even an experienced web designer/developer may encounter.

Use our expertise to be sure that your web site will display without broken links and error messages. If we do encounter any problems we will work promptly and accurately to be sure that your site is well-planned, easy to navigate, and professional looking.

We have various pricing options available. We can supply you with a website for as low as $300.00 - $500.00 for the first 5 pages. We arrive at our pricing structure according to the complexity of the site. Some of the factors that we use to calculate our price structure are:

1.) Animations.
2.) How many pages and what type of menus?
3.) Are pictures web ready?
Do pictures need editing for faster download time?
5.) Is the body text pre-written, proofed and saved to disk?
6.) Do we have to create and proofread all body text?

We also create the Meta Tags for your Page Title, Description, & Keywords. A part
of the original cost also includes submitting your site manually to approximately 30 Search Engines, to help with quick placement.

Some of the Search Engines that we submit to include but are not limited to the following list:

Let us help you get your site online. Once your there, let us help you place higher in the Search Engines. If your site can be easily found by your Target Audiences, this will help get your information & products in front of the people who need them.

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