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Manual Forms - Stationery
When placing your order be sure to follow the instructions below.


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Choose your paper stock
Paper stock descriptions are listed under the headings of ATLANTIC BOND, PRESTIGE, CLASSIC LINEN, and CLASSIC LAID. When you click on these desciptions you can view the actual forms (Business Card, Letterhead, and matching Envelope). By clicking on the text under the small pictures you will see an enlarged picture with pricing and quantites.

Choose your layout
Click on "1." (Previous Page) to see pictures of the 9 Layouts available for your stationery.

Choose your ink color(s)

On the page with the large pictures, pricing, and quantity information, you will also see the Ink Colors available.

Choose You r free business design (clipart)
Click on "2." (Previous Page) the Business Design (clipart) Link to view choices of clipart that will suit your business. Be sure to reference the number in front of the clipart that you choose.

Choose Your "Main Line" typestyle
Click on "3." (Previous Page) to view a list of typestyles for your Main Line of text. The"Main Line" is usually your Business Name. Be sure to reference the number in front of the typestyle that you choose.

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